Image of Kyle Hall aka KMFH - The Boat Party 2x LP
  • Image of Kyle Hall aka KMFH - The Boat Party 2x LP

Kyle Hall aka KMFH - The Boat Party 2x LP

by Kyle Hall
and KMFH


KMFH - The Boat Party LP ( Double 12")

Wild Oats is proud to present the KMFH debut album The Boat Party. After a year of collaborative releases, Kyle Hall, under the alias KMFH, has produced a debut album; a fusion of original work, sample tracks, and raw edits. The Boat Party album artwork pokes fun at European summer boat parties and juxtaposes the destitute state of Detroit and its recent proneness to discarded luxury in financial crises. Mainly, the inability to leave and the sometimes pleasant isolation of a boat party is what the album exudes. The listener has a certain commitment to the material which definitely has its place on the dance floor. You can find tracks that have soulful, funky, and organic feels, while others have a more abstract, mechanical, and robotic sentiments. The Boat Party was carefully constructed which makes the album a cohesive mix of soulful etherealness and roughly raw sounds; KMFH's cueing into the true aspects of Detroit.

A2. Dr. Crunch
A3. Spoof
B1. Flemmenup
B2. Crushed
C1. Finnapop
C2. Grungy Gloops
D1. Measure2Measure